The German Department of the Iran Language Institute, which started its activities in 1995 with the cooperation of the Karl Duisburg Institute in Germany, is one of the leading centers for learning German in Iran.

The Young Adults Section of the German Department 

The educational levels of the young adults section include 11 terms (abbreviated as Juku1 to Juku11). The educational content in this section is designed for the age group of 11 to 14 years.

Teaching Material

Fabuli is used to teach Juku 1 to Juku 2 levels.

Beste Freunde (three volumes) is used to teach levels Juku 3 to Juku 11.

Education Courses

Training courses are offered as regular courses.

Regular courses

Each course includes 20 training sessions and a final test session. The number of sessions per week is 2 and each session lasts 90 minutes.


Young adults who are fluent in German and have to study in the young adults section in terms of age will be directed to the desired class by passing an oral placement test.

Registration conditions

1. Payment of entrance fee according to the announcement of the ILI center

2. Deposit the approved tuition of the Iran Language Institute according to the number of accounts announced by the ILI center

3. Refer to determine the day and time of the class based on the dates announced by the ILI center


The evaluation method is as follows:

Class activities include:

1. Listening skills 15%

2. Speaking skills 15%

3. Reading skills 15%

4. Writing skills 15%

5. Final exam20%

6. The first and the second quiz 20%

Young Adults Education Centers

Sa’adat Abad Educational Center

Address: Saadat Abad - Shahid Qara Tappeh St. (Twenty-fifth) - No. 34

Phone: (021) 88689400-88689401

Hijab Education Center

Address: No. 371, North Jamalzadeh St., West Fatemi Intersection

Phone: (021) 66420080

Suhrawardi Education Center

Address: No. 759, Shariati St., above Motahhari St., next to the gas station

Phone: (021) 88417416, 88417419


Address: Crossroads of Southern Faculty of Agriculture, in front of Amirkabir Public Library, Kayhan Alley

Phone: (021) 32255420-3

Phone: 7-32233996


Address: - Brothers-sisters: Pasdaran St., Children's Park (teapot), Intellectual Development Center building

Phone: 38206757


The German department of the Iran Language Institute for Adults offers various courses at levels A1 to C1. All courses comply with the Common European Reference Levels (CEFR).

Educational Levels

The educational levels of the German department include 17 levels as follows:


A1 GA1
A2 GA4
B1 GA7
B1+ MA1
B2 MA3
C1 GA6

Types of Courses

Courses are offered as “regular”, “special”, “intensive” or “super-intensive”.

Regular courses

• The regular course is held two days a week (3 hours per week). The length of a term of two and a half months is equal to 30 hours.

Special courses

• Special courses are held one day a week (3 hours). The length of a term of two and a half months is equal to 30 hours.

Intensive courses

• Intensive courses are held two days a week (6 hours a week, 3 hours a day). The length of a term of two and a half months is equal to 60 hours.

Super-Intensive Courses

• Courses for A1, A2, B1 and B2 designed to be super-intensive and are held three days a week (12 hours per week). In each course, three educational levels are completed.

A1 (GA1 – GA3) A2 (GA4 – GA6)

B1 (GA7 – GA9) B2 (MA3 – MA5)

International exam preparation course

• A1 International Exam Preparation Course is held in 10 hours in a super-intensive manner.

• B1 International Exam Preparation Course is held in 10 hours in a super-intensive manner.

• International B2 Exam Preparation Course is held in 10 hours in a super-intensive manner.


Applicants familiar with the German language can take the German proficiency test by taking the test. The placement test includes: written and oral exam are graded according to different levels. This test will only be a brief assessment of the learner’s abilities, because it does not include listening and writing skills.

Capacity of classes

Class capacity is 10 to 18 learners at the introductory level and 10 to 14 learners at the intermediate and advanced levels. The capacity of semi-private classes is at least 4 people.

Registration conditions

The minimum age for adult candidates is 14 years, which is either graded according to the placement test or they start from the first grade, i.e. from GA1. Applicants should refer to the Iran Language Institute to get the registration form, and those who want to pass the placement exam will take the exam on the day mentioned by the experts of the education department of each center and will register after receiving the exam result. Other applicants who do not take the placement test will register on the day mentioned.


Continuous evaluation of class activities 80% + final exam 20% = final score

At the end of each level, students take an online written test that includes 25 test questions (5 comprehension questions, 20 grammar and vocabulary questions). Acceptance score at the end of the term is at least 70 out of 100. Oral skills are also tested at GA6, GA9 and MA5 levels.

Certification Issuance:

Students can apply for a certificate at the end of each course (A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1).

Teaching Materials and training aids

Teaching material:

- Schritte Book Volumes 1 and 2 for level A1

Schritte Book Volumes 3 and 4 for A2 level

Schritte Book Volumes 5 and 6 for Level B1

- Aspekte Book Volume 1 for B1⁺ level

Aspekte Book Volume 2 for Level B2

Aspekte Book Volume 3 for Level C1

Supplementary materials

- Educational book for GA1-GA3 levels

- Educational book for GA4-GA6 levels

Glossary for GA1-GA3 levels

Glossary for GA4-GA6 levels

- Leseclub (Multimedia / Basic Levels)

- Das Glückskind (Multimedia - Intermediate and Advanced Levels)

- Alltag in Deutschland (books and tapes to improve speaking and conversation skills)

- zbungen zur neuen Rechtschreibung (spelling and writing)

- Erzählungen aus dem Golestan (including four stories of Golestan Sa’adi with practice)

The above-mentioned products are offered in the ILI stores in order to improve the quality of education and meet the needs and requests of language learners.

Teaching Methods

The method of teaching German in the Iran Language Institute is an interactive and language-based method in which all language skills are addressed. The main purpose of this teaching method is for students to learn practical German. In this method, the learner is expected to actively participate in language learning.

German Department Centers


- Jam: Motahhari St., Fajr St. (Jam), No. 33

Phone: 88844407

- Shahid Beheshti: Shariati St., above Sadr Bridge, after Daad Alley, next to Bonyad Shahid Building, No. 1723

Phone: 22672134-22207029

- Meshkat: Azadi Square, next to Ekbatan, Shahid Amouian Street, No. 5

Phone: 90-44632589

- Vesal: Enghelab St., Vesal Shirazi St., No. 33

Phone: 66400501-66407140

East Azerbaijan-Tabriz

Imam Khomeini Street, Aabi Mosque, in front of the Silk Commercial Complex

Phone: 7-35543886

Sa’at Square, next to Pasargad Bank, Alavi building

Phone: 35558351


No. 33, Chaharbagh St., Nikbakht St., Edalat

Tel: 36615245-36612582

Azadi Square, University Blvd., Moazen Safaei Alley, No. 12

Tel: 36240947-36274075


Crossroads of the Faculty of Southern Agriculture, in front of Amirkabir Public Library, Kayhan Alley

Phone: 3-32255420

Phone: 7-32233996

Khorasan Razavi-Mashhad

University Street, University Street 25 (West Golestan), No. 351

Phone: 1-38457750


Takhti Street, Manuel 2 store

Phone: 33118968


Pasdaran Street, Children’s Park, Kanoon building

Phone: 38206757


Bouali Tomb, Madani Boulevard, Farvardin 15 Boulevard, Zandiha Alley

Phone: 38279021


The Iranian Language Center, as the most prestigious, oldest and largest foreign language teaching institute in Iran, has been operating in Tehran since 1304 under the name of the Iran-US Association, and its classes were often held in affiliated centers. Language education "was launched at the crossroads of the Republic in the 1330s