The Russian department of the Iran Language Institute, which started its activities in 2016, is one of the main centers for learning Russian in Iran.
In the Russian department of the Iran Language Institute for Adults, normal and intensive courses (in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels) consist of 12 levels, special conversation, TORFL test preparation and Podfak preparation courses, as well as private classes.

Normal courses

The normal course is held two days a week (two training sessions per week). The length of a term of two and a half months is equivalent to 20 training sessions and one test session.


Level Sub-Level Educational Materials
Beginner (4 terms) RKI-1 to RKI-4 Books, pamphlets, educational videos, audio files
Intermediate (4 terms) RKI-5 to RKI-8 Books, pamphlets, educational videos, audio files
Advanced (4 terms) RKI-9 to RKI-12 Books, pamphlets, educational videos, audio files

TORFL Preparation Courses

Another activity of the Russian department is holding the International TORFL Exam (ТРКИ). This exam is held with the participation of the University of St. Petersburg, Russia and in six levels (A1-C2) and has two sections: written and oral. Those who pass this exam will receive an international degree from the University of St. Petersburg.

The time of each exam is announced by the Russian department of the ILI and the necessary arrangements are made to participate in the exam.

For information about the time of the exam, refer to the website of the Language Center

Podfak (ПодФак) Preparation Courses

Course Objective: The purpose of this class is to prepare for the Russian language podcast. This class prepares applicants for the formal exam by strengthening their knowledge and language skills.

Contents: The educational materials of this course are the educational books of the language center and the side books available in the market.

Duration: Number of levels are 4 terms and time of each training session is 90 minutes.

 Students Qualifications: Beginner (with placement test)

 Class Type: Online and Offsite - Intensive

Audiences: Adults

Conversation Course

Course objective: Ability to establish verbal communication and conversation in Russian based on language skills

Contents: The teaching materials of this course are collected from the latest Russian language teaching books based on conversation, which are provided to the learner in each term.

Duration: Number of levels are 4 terms, number of sessions per semester are 20 sessions and meeting time is 90 minutes.

 Student qualification: Oral placement

 Class Type: Online, Offsite, Private - Normal

Audience: Adults

Capacity of classes

Class capacity varies depending on the course and different levels.

Registration conditions

The minimum age for adult volunteers is 14 years old, who are either graded according to the placement test or start from the first grade, i.e. RKI-1. Applicants can register online through the website of the Iran Language Institute or in person by visiting the centers of the ILI throughout the country, and those who want to pass the placement exam on the day mentioned by the experts of each education department. The center takes the exam and registers after receiving the exam result.


ЖИЛИ-БЫЛИ 1 УЧЕБНИК + рабочая тетрадь + CD
ЖИЛИ-БЫЛИ 2 УЧЕБНИК + рабочая тетрадь + CD
All Russian language courses of the Iran Language Center are held by experienced professors specializing in teaching Russian.
The teaching staff of the Russian section of the Iranian Language Institute is proud to cooperate with teachers with higher education in the field of teaching Russian to foreign languages and people educated in this field in Russian-speaking countries and people who speak the language, with the aim of holding their courses at the highest quality level.
The method of teaching Russian in the ILI is an interactive and language-based method in which all language skills are addressed. The main purpose of this educational method is to learn practical Russian. In this method, the learner is expected to actively participate in language learning.

The Iranian Language Center, as the most prestigious, oldest and largest foreign language teaching institute in Iran, has been operating in Tehran since 1304 under the name of the Iran-US Association, and its classes were often held in affiliated centers. Language education "was launched at the crossroads of the Republic in the 1330s