Iran Language Institute / Teacher Recruiment

In order to expand its teaching staff for the English, French, German, Arabic and Spanish Departments, the ILI holds teacher recruitment examinations on several occasions annually in response to the needs of ILI branches.

Information about these examinations is announced on the ILI website, and applicants can make online registration to take the exams.

The teacher recruitment process consists of three stages: a written exam, an oral interview, and a short training program. Applicants who pass the written exam will be given an interview, and those who pass the interview are invited to attend the training program. Those applicants who successfully finish this program will be assigned to the ILI branches as ILI teachers.

At all the stages of the teacher recruitment process, the four skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading, as well as the teaching ability of the applicants, are evaluated by the ILI’s teacher recruitment experts.


The Iranian Language Center, as the most prestigious, oldest and largest foreign language teaching institute in Iran, has been operating in Tehran since 1304 under the name of the Iran-US Association, and its classes were often held in affiliated centers. Language education "was launched at the crossroads of the Republic in the 1330s