The ILI Spanish Department

The ILI Spanish Department, established in 2008, provides Spanish language courses in 12 levels, ELE 1 – ELE 12, for adult language learners. It should be noted that in addition to general Spanish courses, the ILI Spanish Department provides preparation courses for Dele Exams.

General Courses

General courses offered at the ILI Spanish Department are of the following three types:

Regular General Courses

Two days a week (4 hrs. per week), each term 2.5 months (equal to 42 hrs.)

Special General Courses

One day a week (4 hrs. per week), each term 2.5 months (equal to 42 hrs.)

Intensive General Courses

Two days a week (8 hrs. per week, 4 hrs. each day), each term 2.5 months (equal to 84 hrs.)

Specific Courses

-          Topic-based conversation courses in three levels

-          Practical grammar and writing courses

-          Preparation courses for Dele international exam for all levels

Teacher Training in Spanish Department

Those applying to take part in teacher training courses need to take the teacher recruitment exam and receive a minimum score of 70 from 100. They will subsequently have an interview after which they can take part in these courses. The duration of the training course is 24 hours, finishing with a teaching demo.

Educational Levels

The educational levels in the ILI Spanish Department are as follows:


ELE. 1

ELE. 2

ELE. 3


ELE. 4

ELE. 5

ELE. 6


ELE. 7

ELE. 8

ELE. 9


ELE. 10

ELE. 11

ELE. 12


ILI Spanish Branches


Jam Branch




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