International Exam (Spanish Diploma as a Foreign Language), which is the most prestigious international exam in Spanish, at levels A1 to C2 for adults and A1, A2 / B1 for adolescents is held at the Iran Language Institute as the only "official center and representative of DELE exams in Iran". The time of the call and also the holding of the exams of each course will be announced on the website of the Iran Language Institute.

International Spanish Language Diploma (DELE) Preparation Course 

In the Iran Language Institute, special DELE exam preparation courses have been defined, which prepares the candidates to participate in all levels according to the Spanish diploma standards of Cervantes Institute, with the books and educational products of the mentioned institute.

The International Spanish Language Diploma is an official and international diploma awarded by the Spanish government that measures the language proficiency of candidates.

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The Iranian Language Center, as the most prestigious, oldest and largest foreign language teaching institute in Iran, has been operating in Tehran since 1304 under the name of the Iran-US Association, and its classes were often held in affiliated centers. Language education "was launched at the crossroads of the Republic in the 1330s