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DELF / DALF tests

Another activity of the French department is holding DELF / DALF international exams.

These tests are designed in six levels (A1-C2) that correspond to the levels of the European Common Framework (CEFR) and are held separately for adults, young adults and children.

The documents of these exams are approved by the French Ministry of Education and are considered as one of the most valid French language documents for enrollment in French-speaking universities, professional activities, etc.

In Iran, the DELF / DALF exams was launched at the Iran Language Institute in 1992 and are currently held in 4 cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Mashhad by the French Department. Exams for DELF Prim children and DELF juniors are also available. To access the calendar of these exams, refer to the International French Language Exams section.

DFP-THR testst

French international exams for professional purposes of tourism, hotels, restaurant

The DFP-THR certification is issued by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP) and is internationally recognized. These exams will be held for A2, B1 and B2 levels from May 1997 at the Iran Language Institute.

The test audience is people who intend to have a professional activity in this field at the end of their studies, or people who are working in this field and want to improve their job position.



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