Memorandum of Cooperation Between Iran Language Institute and the Faculty of Commerce and Finance of the University of Tehran

Memorandum of Cooperation Between Iran Language Institute and the Faculty of Commerce and Finance of the University of Tehran
Dr. Mehdi Zolfaghari, head of Iran Language Institute, and Dr. Hashem Aghazadeh, head of the faculty of Commerce and Finance of Tehran University, signed a Memorandum of cooperation.
According to the ILI public relations office, at the beginning of this meeting, Zolfaghari expressed hope for the development of such activities saying that in the first step of academic activities, Iran Language Institute will enter a new phase of its scientific and research activities by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Faculty of Commerce and Finance of Tehran University.


He continued by briefly introducing the activities of Iran Language Institute and mentioned the history, the number of ILI centers, language learners, languages  taught in this institute, and the international trainings and cooperation of Iranian Language Institute.


Dr. Zolfaghari said, “At Iran Language Institute, we have a wide range of audiences and we are ready to cooperate and interact with the University of Tehran and we can offer the courses we have agreed on in the fields of business, finance, insurance and in all the issues that are priorities for you. One of our most important missions is the development of scientific and research cooperation with universities.”
Holding joint scientific and educational seminars and conferences, producing academic content and texts for different courses, holding joint general and specialized training workshops, and holding courses in non-English languages were among areas discussed.
Zolfaghari pointed out, “We have the will to transform the Iran language Institute from a mere language school to an important educational-research organization in the country that produces knowledge and has academic authority in the field of languages.”



Then, Dr. Aghazadeh expressed his satisfaction with the conclusion of this memorandum and said, “The scope and age of the activities of Iran Language Institute are highly appreciated, and from now on we consider both groups to be the same.”
He then pointed to the many courses held in Tehran University and expressed his desire to hold these courses on an international level with the cooperation of Iran Language Institute.



The head of the Faculty of Commerce and Finance of Tehran University continued, “This faculty has taken great steps and has lofty thoughts with the efforts of my dear colleagues. This faculty was formed to be a demand-oriented faculty that is very close to the industry and implementation, and the set of courses that exist in this faculty can also be of interest to you from the perspective of language education.”
He explained the business courses which are taught in this faculty and added, “In all these courses, the subject of language education has been taken into consideration. Our priority would be the languages of Iran's commercial sides and partners and we believe that this will greatly help the development of the country.”



Holding courses both face-to-face and online was one of the other topics that Aghazadeh addressed. In the end, Dr Aghazadeh said, “This memorandum will bring a lot of good and blessings to both groups and the country, our goal is to return the proceeds of this memorandum to the development process of the country and, God willing, we can take a big step in the development of trade and financial and banking affairs of the country.” 
At the end of this meeting, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed Between Iran Language Institute and the Faculty of Commerce and Finance of the University of Tehran.









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The Iranian Language Center, as the most prestigious, oldest and largest foreign language teaching institute in Iran, has been operating in Tehran since 1304 under the name of the Iran-US Association, and its classes were often held in affiliated centers. Language education "was launched at the crossroads of the Republic in the 1330s