An 11-Year-Old Reciter of the "Mahfel" program receives an educational scholarship from Iran Language Institute

An 11-Year-Old Reciter of the "Mahfel" program receives an educational scholarship from Iran Language Institute
Saleh Mahdizadeh, an 11-year-old reciter and memorizer of the entire Quran, has been awarded a scholarship from Iran Language Institute following his unique performance in the Quranic program "Mahfel," which garnered significant attention, particularly online.

The Public Relations and International Affairs department of Iran Language Institute reported that Dr. Mahdi Zolfaghari, the head of the institute, welcomed Mr. Mahdizadeh and his family to the headquarters yesterday. During the visit, he praised the young Quranic scholar's parents, stating, "Imparting Quranic values to the children of our nation represents the greatest cultural accomplishment and is among the blessings of the Islamic Revolution."



Dr. Zolfaghari highlighted the Quran's paramount significance within Islam, viewing it as the primary guide for Muslims. He warned that neglecting the Quran could lead to the deterioration of Islamic societies. He further asserted, "With dedicated parents and children like Saleh, the Quran will always remain a cornerstone in our country."


At the meeting, Mr. Saleh Mahdizadeh graced the gathering with his recitation of select verses from Surah Furqan, illuminating the event with the sacred words of the Holy Quran.


To conclude the meeting, Dr. Zolfaghari granted Saleh Mahdizadeh an educational scholarship, remarking, "This talented young reciter is now entitled to study any language of his choosing at Iran Language Institute, free of charge."


Apr 17, 2024 14:21
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The Iranian Language Center, as the most prestigious, oldest and largest foreign language teaching institute in Iran, has been operating in Tehran since 1304 under the name of the Iran-US Association, and its classes were often held in affiliated centers. Language education "was launched at the crossroads of the Republic in the 1330s